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Welcome to my website

After building an assortment of websites, with various domains and various styles, I thought it about time that I brought them all together with one main home site. So here it is. You can still access all the Psion software I produced, plus a few simple applications for Palm and for Windows. I have also added some amateur radio resources, including access to the Beechlog website. There is also some personal material, mainly thoughts, worries and ideas.


Most of the software available for download here was written for various Psion computers, from the Series 3 to the Series 7. I wrote them mainly for my own use, but also made them available on telephone and packet bbs systems about 10 years ago. The bbs systems died as the internet became more popular, so I established this site to enable anyone to download them. All my software is free, and the source code is available, without restrictions, on request.

I started to write Palm software a few years ago, but was frustrated by the lengthy development time. So there's not much here!

I have produced a small amount of PC software for special purposes, mainly amateur radio. When I get time and the inclination, and a decent notebook PC, I'll get on with all the other ideas I have.

Locator Calculators

I started writing this stuff back in the days of the Sinclair Spectrum, but what with the wonders of cassette tape storage, none of this survives. This continued on the Psion Organiser II in about 1985, and I still have the original stuff written to EPROM somewhere. Locator software for later Psion models is in the Psion section, and there also is a Windows version. But more recently I started work on a Javascript project, with the intention of creating an internet based system that would run on any modern browser. This is the only live project at the moment.


Beechlog is the club magazine of the Burnham Beeches Radio Club. I took over as editor sometime in the nineties, and have been unable to shake it off ever since. The articles are supposed to be about amateur radio, but there are many items on related and quite unrelated subjects, especially my thoughts and experiences.


This website is based on an XHTML design by haran. This in turn was based on the website of Acronis, a US software company. I have used it because whilst I can write the code, I am totally useless at designing layouts that look good! Most of my other sites are all my own work. and I expect it shows!

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